Fraud Warning

We have reason to believe that Jacobs & Reeves Solicitors of Poole and Wimborne may be or may soon become the victim of an attempted fraud.


We believe there is a possibility that our letterhead may be or may have been unlawfully reproduced. We have no solid evidence as to the proposed use of such fraudulent letterhead but we consider it a possibility that it will be used to notify Clients, contacts and other firms of an alleged change to our bank accounts in an attempt to misdirect and appropriate funds intended to be transferred to us.


Please note therefore we have no intention of changing our Client or Office Account from the account details you may already hold and any notification to the contrary even on headed paper should be disregarded. If in doubt please telephone the contact with whom you are dealing in order to verify account details.


The reason for our belief is that we received a request from a printing company we do not use for a jpeg copy of our logo as they were unable to supply the letter heading ordered from them in person based on the scanned copy provided as it was insufficiently distinct. We of course had placed no such order.


We are look into changing our letterhead as swiftly as possible but inevitably there will be a short delay before any such new letterhead can be introduced. As and when we introduce such new letter heading we will place a notice on our website detailing the changes that will enable you to verify the new letterhead.